Voice for Gap Kids providing information education and advocacy Voice for Gap Kids providing information education and advocacy
Voice for Gap Kids providing information education and advocacy Voice for Gap Kids

My Accomplishment
2007 Governor's Volunteerism & Community Service Awards in the category of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery
Tim, a responsible citizen and active volunteer
As a responsible citizen , Tim is quite determined to work hard as a volunteer in the community. Tim has served as a Volunteer at following organizations.
  • American Cancer Society
  • Autism Society of America –Central Virginia Chapter
  • For the Love of Animals in Goochland (F.L.A. G.)
  • Youth Leadership Forum (YLF)
  • Alumni Association Richmond Habitat for Humanity
  • National Youth Leadership Network(NYLN)

  • View Tim's Volunteer experiences.

    an inspirational and articulate advocate for people in need
    Tim is dedicated to providing workshops and presentations on disaster preparedness to people with disabilities, senior citizens, and caregivers throughout the Metro Richmond area through the Are You Ready? Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities, Part II, service learning project

  • Dreams, Goals and Vision, Making A Difference by Mentoring Others  
  • Are You Ready- Part II  
  • Disaster Preparedness Workshop December 13, 2006  
  • Official feedback on Tim's work from various Virginia State Senators and Delegates   

  • Tim was recently commended by Virginia General Assembly. Click here to view house joint resolution 619 commending Tim Moore.
    Tim, an advocate for raising voice for gap kids
  • Tim has been raising awareness about GAP Kids in community by visiting college, universities throughout USA and volunteering in Virginia.

  • Tim's Trip to Paul Smith's College
    Tim's Visit to Marshall University


  • Tim is very much determined to earn the high school diploma officially.

  • Determined to Earn a Standard High School Diploma

    Please see Tim's Graduation Picnic.
  • Tim has spoken to number of ocassions at Department of Education and other various meetings and raised a voice for Gap Kids.
    See the public comments of Tim Moore .

  • Do you wish to help Tim and many other kids ?
    Please download the Voice for GAP Kids Brochure for further information.
    We always value your opinion, please send us your feedback by email at tim@voiceforgapkids.com.

    Also if you are a youth with a disability between the ages of 16 -28 , also visit National Youth Leadership Network

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